Born in the Philippines, she studied Electrical Engineering & Computer Science in NYC but always found time to dance in college musicals, festivals, MTV, and dance concerts.  She worked as programmer for a couple of years and eventually became a scuba diving instructor.

In 2007,  she was introduced to GYROTONIC® method in New York and practiced steadily to rehabilitate her body’s restrictions from pain, injuries, mild scoliosis and two knee surgeries.  It was very fulfilling and alleviating which led her to become an instructor.   During this time she realized the many dynamic possibilities of the movement system and how it can help bring balance in one’s overall well-being.

Photo credit: Jove Schrottmann @ The Vessel – Mandala Spa & Villas

Having been so fortunate to have amazing teachers, friends and family inspired her more to pass on the work to others with passion and to do her best in keeping the integrity of the work.   She has trained and taught GYROTONIC® GYROKINESIS® privately, in classes, workshops, courses, Specialized Equipment, movement for performance enhancement, therapeutic / rehabilitation applications and workshops with Specialized Master Trainers, Physical Therapists, professional dancers,  celebrities and diverse clientele around the U.S., Philippines and Europe.

dance 2013
Photo credit: JR Tecson @Dance New Amsterdam NYC

Seeing the changes in people’s bodies for the better has been one of the most gratifying experiences. Currently she is a licensed GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Pre-Trainer based in New York / New Jersey and Philippines. She has recently integrated meditation, part-time web consulting & developing in her daily life and started training December 2012 in ballet, contemporary and hip-hop and hopes to inspire others just as she has been inspired by her own teachers.

International Movement Instructor