•  Archway Program 1 with Jackson Kellogg (August 2014)
  • GYROTONER with Jackson Kellogg (January 2014)
  • GYROTONIC® Therapeutic Applications for Scoliosis with Uwe Herbstreit (February 2011)
  • GYROKINESIS® Level 2 Prep with Erika Hassan (November 2011)
  • Certified GYROKINESIS®Pre-Trainer with Juliu Horvath  (December 2010)
  • GYROTONIC®Applications on Pathways on the Shoulder, Hip & Spine with Angela Crowley (August 2010)
  • GYROTONIC®Applications for Pre-Post Natal with Leda Franklin (August 2010)
  • CertifiedGYROTONIC®Pre-Trainer with Sebastian Plettenberg (June 2010)
  • Certified BICOM Bioresonance Therapist in Athens, Greece (May 2010)
  • GYROTONIC®Level 2 with Gina Muensterkoetter  (January 2010)
  • Paul Horvath’s GYROTONIC® Therapeutic Applications for Pelvic Girdle (November 2009)
  • GYROTONIC®Level 2 Prep with Erika Hassan (July 2009)

Certified in GYROTONIC®Specialized Equipment:

  • Jumping Stretch Board with Sebastian Plettenberg (July 2009)
  • Archway with Sebastian Plettenberg (August 2009)
  • Leg Extension Unit with Erika Hassan (October 2009)

Certified Licensed Instructor in:

  • GYROTONIC® with Gina Muensterkoetter (February 2009)
  • GYROKINESIS®with Juliu Horvath (September 2009)

Apprenticeship Certification in:

  • GYROTONIC® with Sebastian Pletttenberg (June 2008)
  • GYROKINESIS® with Juliu Horvath (August 2008)

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